Measurement and generation of magnetic precision fields

The permanent presence of the Earth’s magnetic field turns it into an important physical parameter whose impact on aerospace activities must be taken into account. Magnetic fields play a vital role in satellite attitude control as well as in numerous scientific experiments.

Even in modern aeronautics, classic magnetic compasses are used in emergencies. They must not be affected by nearby equipment. In our unique magnetic field simulation facility (MFSA), magnetic fields are generated and measured with high precision using a tri-axial combination of 12 coils in total, with a side length of 15m.

The impact of direct and alternating magnetic fields must be taken into account during operations in heavy industrial environments. For this purpose, we use additional coil systems of various sizes to test immunity in mid-sized and small objects. 

  • Compensation for the Earth’s magnetic field and simulation of variable artificially generated alternating and direct fields
  • Magnetic simulation of orbit
  • Measurement of magnetic cleanliness
  • Magnetisation and demagnetisation of large and small test objects
  • Measurement of dipolar and multipolar characteristics, magnetic momentum and eddy current fields
  • Calibration of magnetometers
  • On-location measurement of magnetic alternating and direct fields
  • Compass safe distance test in compliance with RTCA/DO-160D and ED-14D
  • Testing for magnetic effects in compliance with various aeronautics standards
  • Immunity to high-frequency magnetic fields on ISM frequencies (13.56MHz, 27.12 MHz)
  • Immunity testing in accordance with ISO 10373 and ISO 7816 with up to 800kA/m (chip card test)
  • Testing for immunity to power engineering frequencies in compliance with EN 61000-4-8 with up to 1,000A/m
  • Testing for immunity to impulse-forming magnetic fields in compliance with DIN EN 61000-4-9
  • Testing for immunity to damped oscillating magnetic fields in compliance with DIN EN 61000-4-10