Our acoustic testing facilities are designed for a variety of acoustic tests, from small components to large assemblies and for the identification of noise transmission paths in vehicles.

Our tests are in line with national and international military and civil aeronautic standards, with specific automobile manufacturer standards and with additional customer-specific standards from the whole industry (e.g. electronic and machine construction industry, medical, rail and marine technology).

  • Simulation of acoustic loads up to 156dB
  • Reverberation chamber with a test volume of 1,378m³, noise generation at frequencies from 30 to 10,000Hz
  • Performance of acoustic strength investigations up to 172dB using a progressive wave tube
  • Measurement of acoustic pressure distribution, absorption and transmission
  • Acoustic pressure level and acoustic power measurements as per ISO 3740 ff or in accordance with other standards
  • Measurement of noise transmission paths
  • Outdoor measurements
  • Provision of mechanical-acoustic transfer functions
  • Qualification and engineering tests